Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hello From The Other Side

Hello from the other siiiide!!!  …of the state. :D

Two weeks ago my family and I moved across the state. This is actually the third time I’ve moved, but it is only the first time that I have really been aware of it because the first two times happened when I was 6 and under. Most people have moved at least once in their lives so you may know that it is quite hard to find things when you’re moving. Everything is packed away in boxes and some boxes may already be at the new house. Most of your clothes are packed, except for the ones set aside in the suitcase that you’ll be living out of for a few weeks. All of your books, televisions, and maybe even your laptop (depending on how much you use it on a daily basis) are packed away. And your free time is probably packed away in one of those blamed boxes too. You may never figure out exactly where that box is again. Sorry.

This is why I was unable to post two weeks ago (because I’ve been trying to post every two weeks) but I think that it’s a pretty good excuse. My computer was packed away somewhere and the house was half empty containing almost exclusively cardboard boxes, and I was so tired by the end of the days that the only thing that I would have been able to type out would have been “asdkljgrbaaesdoih” because I probably would have face planted into my keyboard…if I was able to find my laptop in the first place!

But anyway, we are getting settled, I’ve been reunited with my laptop (and the wifi, thank goodness) so my previously decided upon schedule should be able to continue as planned. This week’s video comes as a whim of my own. A few days ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to play a Frank Sinatra song so I did and here I am playing it not as well I could have but there wasn’t really anything else that I wanted to play and at the time I felt as if it were a little too early for a Christmas song. You also get a little glimpse at my new room in the video, and it is quite interesting to say the least. (I will be painting it soon.)

Merry Christmas! See ya in two weeks. Well I mean, you won’t see me because this a blog...but you will see me in the video so..I dunno, whatever. It's 1:20 am I'm going to bed. 

(click the link below to watch my new video because it won't let me put the video into this post.)

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